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Hi, my name is Gwen Lane!

I’ve been working in digital marketing and social media  for 12+ years.

My corporate career was in the entertainment and e-commerce industries.

In 2014, I launched my very own lifestyle media company, The LA Girl.

It started out as just a blog and writing outlet while I was at my 9 to 5.

A few months later that I knew I wanted it to become my full-time job.

Once I made the decision, I focused on growing my audience.

It wasn’t easy and it took many early mornings and late nights.

In less than two years, I was able to generate a six-figure income.

And exceeded my salary at my corporate job! 

As an influencer, I started working with brands that I love. 

I get paid for creating branded content for my audience.

I make money promoting events and products. 

I've been able to travel all over the world. 

It's been so much fun! 

Then something happened...

I was invited to be an instructor at YouTube’s Business Accelerator program to teach content creators how to monetize their channel and build their platform into a full-time business.

I realized how much I loved teaching the marketing and business side of things to creatives and I’ve been doing it ever since.

I've taught THOUSANDS of influencers and entrepreneurs how to grow their following, make money and make an impact!

And now I want to help you do the same!

Here are some brands I've worked with...

Now it's your turn...

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