EVEN if you don't have a huge following yet!!!


Learn from a digital marketing expert and lifestyle influencer who's worked with these brands:

This is definitely for you:

~ If you are STRUGGLING to build your following and work with brands
~ Already working with brands but find it CHALLENGING to get actual paid brand deals
~STRESSED & OVERWHELMED with too many strategies
~DESPERATE to find a way to make things easier

You find yourself thinking...

"Can I really do this?"
"Is this something I should be putting time and effort into? 
"How do I make this work?" 


Let's be honest

Just because you GROW your following doesn't mean that you're going to make money from it and "trying to figure it out" on your own is NOT a strategy. 

My students have worked with brands, got paid brand deals and growing their following month after month...


They joined because they TRIED to figure it out on their own and FAILED. 

They SUFFERED through months or even years of stress and anxiety because they DIDN'T have a step by step system to follow.

Here are just some of the results my students are getting from my program...





#SPONSORED is my proven and complete step-by-step system that will help you get #sponsored by brands EVEN if you don't have a huge following yet. 

You will learn exactly how to:

  • How to ATTRACT your target audience and brand sponsors
  • How to build your BRAND and stand out from the crowd
  • How to COMMUNICATE with your audience and brands you want to work with 
  • How to GROW your following as quickly as possible 
  • How to CREATE valuable content consistently without running out of ideas  
  • How to build a PROFITABLE influencer biz so that you can have the freedom to do what you love to do


#SPONSORED is my proven, step-by-step program that teaches you EXACTLY how to grow your following, make money and make an impact. 

EVEN IF you're just starting out and have no idea what to do

EVEN IF you don't have a huge following yet

EVEN IF you've NEVER worked with brands before 

EVEN IF you've STRUGGLED to figure this out on your own 

EVEN IF you've been told that this is not a real thing


Imagine brands reaching out because they want to sponsor you and get in front of your audience...

...I'm here to HELP you get there.


If you are...

...TIRED of trying to figure out all on your own and listening to every strategy out there

...SICK of not getting reached out to, brands saying NO, or only getting free stuff

...and DESPERATE to get #sponsored by brands consistently and create a profitable influencer biz 

...then #SPONSORED is perfect for you. 


What's inside of HASHTAG SPONSORED?

Let's start with your mindset

Let's talk about the CRIPPLING beliefs that are keeping you from putting yourself out there fully and how to shift your mindset so that you can make an impact and live your best life. 

Your audience is your product

Get to know who exactly your audience is, how to narrow your niche with the 5-layer cake method and hone in on how you can provide value. 

It's all about positioning

Your brand is what makes you unique and will help you stand out from the crowd. Learn how to position yourself so that brands will reach out to YOU!

Attract followers and brands

You'll create a content strategy and plan that will help you attract followers and brands consistently. Never run out of things to post again! 

You need more than a media kit

If this is all you think you need, you're missing out! Build an epic influencer portfolio with the 3 essential elements that will seal those brand deals!

It's time to reach out to brands

Don't worry! I'll walk you through how to reach out, what to say, and what to do so that you can start working with brands you love!

One year of monthly coaching calls

You'll get one year of monthly coaching calls to help you through your influencer journey. Here's your chance to ask questions, get feedback and get laser-focused coaching! These are done via Zoom video conference so we can see each other LIVE and on-camera.

One year of access to our private Facebook group community

You'll get one year access to our private group with additional trainings, challenges, and audits where you'll get connect with other digital influencers like you! 

And check out these AMAZING bonuses!

Brand Deal Insider ($497 VALUE) 

Never wonder again what happens when a brand does want to work with you. Learn what to do with all the legal stuff like contracts, agreements, exclusivity and most importantly, how and when do you get paid. 

Brand Deal Aftermath ($497 VALUE) 

Discover what happens after the brand deal, you'll learn what to send the brand afterwards and how to re-pitch so they're wanting to work with you again ASAP!


Plan a year's worth of content in 3 hours or less with this system by creating a content roadmap, strategy and plan PLUS learn how to create content consistently with my proven strategies!

Monthly Editorial Calendars ($497 VALUE)

Get access to an editorial calendar every month with all the holidays, social media days, and pop culture events laid out to make content planning easy PLUS a month's worth of captions and free stock photo recommendations so you never get STUCK on what to say or post ever again


This 7-module signature course is everything you'll need to grow and monetize on Instagram including branding and aesthetic, content, and marketing so that you can gain organic followers FAST.

A FREE Ticket to our LIVE Influencer Event ($497 VALUE)

Head to Los Angeles for our annual event, The Spark Summit, where you can connect with influencers and brands LIVE and in-person!

Influencer Portfolio Review ($297 VALUE)

Receive an expert portfolio review when you've completed the course and get feedback before you send it to brands! 

7-Day, No Risk Guarantee

No need to stress, it's not worth the wrinkles! If you enroll in #SPONSORED for whatever reason decide that it is not a good fit for you, simply send an email to our support team at [email protected] within 7 days of your enrollment and we will issue you a full refund.  No questions asked. 

Get THIS extra bonus when you choose the full-pay option!

Expert Instagram Audit ($397 VALUE)

Receive an expert audit of your Instagram bio and feed including feedback on your aesthetic, branding, and content. 


This course is designed for content creators, bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers who want to get #sponsored by brands and create a profitable influencer biz. 


Our students include:

Lifestyle influencers

Travel bloggers

Fitness experts

Small business owners


Life Coaches

Business Coaches

Social Media Managers




Course Creators


And more! 


Hi, I'm Gwen Lane!


I was exactly in the same boat as you when I started my lifestyle brand, The LA Girl in 2014. 

I had been working in digital marketing for over 12+ years in entertainment and e-commerce.

But I knew there was something else I had to do, so I started my blog.

I grew my following to over 100k on Instagram and worked with amazing brands!

Just over two years later, I was able to leave my 9 to 5 and create a multiple six-figure business!

I've taught creators at YouTube's Business Accelerator program.

I love helping other creatives monetize their passion.

So I created the Spark Society for digital influencers!

My passion and purpose is to help YOU succeed. 

So that YOU too can build and grow your influence.

So they YOU can focus on what YOU love doing. 

I'm here to help YOU!


Here are just some of the brands I've worked with...

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm just starting out as an influencer, is this program for me? 

Absolutely! This is the best time to join my membership program because you will get all my shortcuts and AVOID all the mistakes I made when I was first starting out. I wish I had this program to help me back then. You'll get to start from scratch and build a solid foundation to get your influencer biz up and running as quickly as possible! 

What if I'm already working with brands? 

That's great! You're probably here because even though you're getting brand collaborations like free products and event invites, you're not getting paid brand deals or at least not getting them consistently. And that's okay! That's what I'm here to help you with. You'll learn exactly what you need to do to start attracting brands who will pay you for your work and how to pitch to brands you want to work with. It's all about presentation, communication and timing! 

How long is it going to take me to get through this program? 

You'll need between 2-5 hours per week for the next 5 weeks to get through the video trainings and workbooks of #SPONSORED. You'll also need to commit time to attending the LIVE calls and participating in the Facebook group. When you enroll, you'll have access to Module 0 and 1. Every 7 days a new module will be released until you've gained access to all of the material. The great thing is that because you have lifetime access to the video training (including all updates), you can watch and rewatch the videos on your own schedule. 

You'll also receive access to our training library with additional resources. This will take more time to go through and can take a few hours per week to go through the trainings and to implement. 

My students that are getting results are doing the work - they are going through the course and implementing several hours a week, showing up monthly on the coaching calls and daily in the private Facebook group to get feedback and to stay on track. 

Why will I only have access to the Facebook group for 12 months? 

You will have access to the private Facebook group community for 12 months from the date of enrollment in the program. You will have the option to continue the membership and get access to materials at the current membership price. 

Who has access to the group coaching calls? 

When you enroll in #SPONSORED you will have the opportunity to attend our monthly LIVE coaching calls for 12 months after your enrollment date.  Our group coaching calls take place once a month and are held with a video conferencing app called Zoom.  If you are unable to attend the call live, the replay will be available in the course members area. 

What if I can't make it to the live event? 

Your ticket will not expire and can be used for any Spark Summit that we host. It is our intention to host once a year.  Tickets do not have a cash value and can not be redeemed or transferred. 

What is your cancellation/refund policy? 

We offer a 7-day, no questions asked cancellation policy.  You can enroll in the program and if at anytime during those 7 days you decide that it is not a good fit, send our support team an email at [email protected] and we will issue you a refund. No refunds will be issued after the 7-day term expires. 


Ready to get #sponsored?

Get access to #SPONSORED today and start building your audience, brand and content so that you can grow and monetize your influence!


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