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Hi, I'm Gwen Lane! I'm an influencer and entrepreneur with 12+ years of
experience in digital marketing and social media. I've worked with
brands like Nike, Lexus, Target, Nordstrom, and Starbucks,
just to name a few! 

I started my media company, The LA Girl,  in 2014 which has reached
millions of millennial women in Los Angeles through the blog, videos,
and social media channels.

I've taught at YouTube's Business Accelerator workshops
helping content creators monetize their passion. 

With my workshops, courses, and trainings, I've taught
THOUSANDS of influencers just like you how to grow their
following, make money and make an impact.

And now I want to help YOU!


Here's what some of my students have to say...

"Of all the courses I have taken - nothing compares to the level of detail and number of worksheets provided in Gwen's courses. It is a true step-by-step process that you can visibly see she has infused her teaching abilities and her in-depth professional knowledge within the social media industry."

Lin Marty

"The lessons are broken down into easy-to-follow modules that are concise - no fluff, which I loved. The pace is great and filling out the workbook provided as you go is a really helpful way to keep up with everything you learn. "

Mary Wiggins
Owner, Chris + Mary

"My mind is blown! I’ve been using Instagram for years, and had no clue I was missing out on so many incredible features and doing a lot of things wrong in efforts to gain more followers. "

Stephanie Day
Founder of Ographr

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